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Students and Graduates


"UoNA understands the need of business executives, military officers and working professionals..."


The University of North America is not your typical institution.  They work well with students like me who have a career and a family and can’t just stop working for two or more years to complete a Doctorate or Master’s degree. 

UoNA understands that business executives, military officers and working people who want an advanced degree cannot go to classes when it is convenient for the professors… we need and want classes that are offered when we are not at work, like during the weekends or weekday nights. 

Unlike many small institutions, the University of North America is accredited. Its accreditation by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) is proof that this institution invests in its professors, curriculum, student services, and most importantly its smaller class sizes necessary to help their students succeed.

As a fifty year old father of five, going back to school to obtain a doctoral degree was no easy task.  I’m convinced if it were not for the professors,  administrators, and my fellow students at UoNA, I would have dropped out of the program.

If you are a military officer or business executive like I am, with very limited time, this is the university for you.


William E. Yaglou, DBA

Senior Vice President


Gaithersburg, MD  



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