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ABOUT UoNA Graduates


Real-World Experience, Support, Transformation!

"The professors are what really distinguished my graduate education experience."


I would like to thank the professors at UoNA for all their guidance and support.

The professors are what really distinguished my graduate experience. The faculty members urge us to discuss what we are learning and to challenge their ideas. Instead of having a three-hour lecture with the professor doing most of the talking, we are encouraged to participate and give our opinions.

The graduate program at UoNA has given me invaluable experience working through real-life IT-business problems. The professors provide us with real-world examples of concepts we are learning in class as they are applied in real-life. These connections demonstrate we are learning practical skills we will use in our careers.

Also, I gained tremendous knowledge of many facets of IT industry and of new businesses. Course offerings are diverse and cover subject areas that include accounting, business strategy, business analysis, disaster recovery, negotiation, MIS/software, and big data. The class meetings are challenging, promote critical thinking, and give students every chance to build robust skills applicable to a variety of business career paths. 

Most of all, UoNA professors taught me the critical skills of being precise and concise. I transformed from an individual who spoke and wrote a great deal but said very little into a confident employee who communicates powerfully with fewer words, and I can’t say enough about the ongoing support I still receive from these professors when I reach out for advice or an opinion.


Adya Mishra, MSIT Graduate