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UoNA Welcomes New Students in Fall Orientation
Sunday, October 11, 2015  13:27:13


"Abosolutely!" That's the answer from many new students to the question of wheather they are happy with the service they received during the addmissions process.

At the Fall Term Orientation held on October 10, 2015, President Jill Martin asked the new students why they chose to study at UoNA. Not surprisingly, most of them said, they made UoNA their school of choice because they had heard good things about this university from their friends. They also mentioned that the admissions representatives are very helpful and the process was smooth.

UoNA holds an Orientation every term to welcome new students and provide them with essential information about the acadmeic and financial policies of the universities. The staff members also explained in details the complex F-1 rules for the international students. 

The Orientation provided a chance for the new students to meet with the university staff and faculty members. The students also introduced themselves to each other and friendships were built in no time.

The Orientation was followed by a tasty lunch for all the new and returning students and they shared their campus and life expiences while enjoying food and beverage. By this time, all the new students were familiarized with what to expect in school, had made some friends and were feeling at home in the university already!

Check out UoNA's Facebook page for more pictures of the Orientation. Press Like while you are there!

(Last Update Date : 10/11/2015 02:13 PM)

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