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ACICS Update - UoNA Accreditation Unaffected
Tuesday, December 27, 2016  15:40:18


Da:         December 27, 2016

To:          All UoNA students, faculty and staff

Fr:           Jill Martin, President

                Dr. Peter C. West, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Re:         ACICS and accreditation updates


We realize that many of you have been following the recent news regarding ACICS (the accrediting agency for UoNA).


We want to assure all of you that the University of North America remains accredited by ACICS and there is currently no impact on student visas, CPT or OPT. 


As you know, ACICS, or the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, has been in the news about the possibility of losing their authority to grant accreditation to colleges and universities.   ACICS is working to address and resolve those issues.  No one can predict what the ultimate outcome will be at this time.   Currently ACICS is pursuing this issue through the courts.


In the meantime, ACICS (our accrediting agency) is conducting “business as usual.”  In the event there may be a negative decision regarding the future of ACICS, UoNA has a transition plan to migrate to another accrediting agency that is fully recognized by the Department of Education.


All schools currently accredited by ACICS are given by law 18 months to apply and be accredited by another agency. UoNA has been approved by the new agency to begin the application process and we expect to successfully transition to the new agency within a year. This will ensure that we will not have a gap with our accreditation and our students will not be negatively affected by the ACICS issues.


Please let us know if you have additional questions and we look forward to seeing all of you on January 7, 2017 for the start of UoNA’s Winter 2017 quarter!


(Last Update Date : 12/28/2016 11:25 PM)

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